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The Taste of our Cheeses

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For over 90 years, our company manufactures and sells our cheeses, turning milk from our local sheeps, vaccines and goats farms ­ the Campidano of Oristano in Sardinia ­ into dairy products. We select the raw material, we carefully follow the whole production chain, we respect the tradition that has been handed down in our dairy farm for three generations of cheese makers, thanks to which we can bring the old time taste and flavor of good cheese to your table.
We are an Artisan Cheese factory where people, values, and love for our job are still of fundamental importance. For this we can produce and offer great quality products: mozzarella, ricotta, fresh and delicate pecorino cheese or more seasoned and stronger flavored cheeses.

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    Fresh or smoked Mozzarella, fresh or salted Ricotta: experience the taste of our freshly made cheeses


    Sweet and Delicate Pecorino cheese, Goat Cheese and cheeses obtained with a mixture of sheep and cow’s milk, Provolette cheeses: an unmissable taste and many products to discover


    Pecorino cheeses with intense and firm flavor, cheeses where time allow us to offer unique sensations to your palate


The tradition of the Cheese in the dairy processing Cuozzo is lost in the mists of time. Since the beginning of the early 1900s until today, we have never neglected any details in the production of our cheese: the careful selection of the best milk from our trusted shepherds, the right temperature of the ripening rooms, the brines, the wooden planks on which to age our cheeses. Today, as then, at the Cuozzo Cheese Factory you can enjoy the flavours of the past. Our cheese­maker performs with art and passion the techniques learned from master cheese­makers who preceded him, and every member of our staff carefully follows each step, from production chain to sale. We are among the few dairies in Sardinia that still use the Cane, a marsh grass that grows in ponds of our land, to produce the dies where some of our cheeses are stored.
In our company, the focus on the past and respect for tradition, come together with innovation and the use of machinery and technology which enhance and maintain the quality of our cheeses, guaranteeing a varied production of absolute excellence.


For a cheese factory like our, open to innovation but radically linked to tradition and production according to a cheese­making art passed down over decades, the connection with our own land is paramount. Sardinia, and in particular the Campidano of Oristano where our company is headquartered, the Sinis, the coast located in the Center­West of the island, represents our added value: perfumes, flavors, and respect for the land and its resources that help make the taste of our unique cheese. We use strictly native sheep’s milk, we get our supplies exclusively from local ranchers, and passion for our work is born from love and respect for our Earth.


Visit us in our store, you will have the chance to taste and buy our cheeses directly at the shop located in our cheese factory. You can get here early in the morning to avoid missing the mozzarella freshly made, or consult our sales personnel and choose from the wide range of cheeses processed and aged in the rooms located only a few meters away from our shop. You’ll be spoiled for choice among aged sweet and spicy pecorino cheeses, cheeses obtained with a mixture of sheep and cow’s milk, provolette, creams, fresh and salted ricotta, to acquire and carry straight on your tables or to take as a tasty gift for your friends. In addition to all our own products you will find a wide choice of Sardinian products selected from the island’s best products: bread, olive oil, pickles, wines to accompany our cheeses to some of the best food and wine of Sardinia

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Cheese Factory Cuozzo – Via Cagliari 21/23 Oristano – Tel: 0783/212441, Fax: 0783/310435, Email:, Pec:


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