The tradition of the Cheese in the dairy processing Cuozzo is lost in the mists of time. Since the beginning of the early 1900s until today, we have never neglected any details in the production of our cheese: the careful selection of the best milk from our trusted shepherds, the right temperature of the ripening rooms, the brines, the wooden planks on which to age our cheeses. Today, as then, at the Cuozzo Cheese Factory you can enjoy the flavours of the past. Our cheese­maker performs with art and passion the techniques learned from master cheese­makers who preceded him, and every member of our staff carefully follows each step, from production chain to sale. We are among the few dairies in Sardinia that still use the Cane, a marsh grass that grows in ponds of our land, to produce the dies where some of our cheeses are stored.
In our company, the focus on the past and respect for tradition, come together with innovation and the use of machinery and technology which enhance and maintain the quality of our cheeses, guaranteeing a varied production of absolute excellence.